Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous-Oxide, sometimes called “laughing gas” is one option we offer to help make you more comfortable during certain procedures. It is not intended to put you to sleep, but will help you to feel calm and relaxed.

Oral Conscious Sedation

For patients that require more relaxation assistance, Dr. McDuffie also offers conscious sedation through oral sedatives. Taken at the recommended time before your appointment, this medication allows you to fully relax by the time your procedure begins. Due to the calming effects of oral sedation, the patient will need a friend or family member to drive them to and from the office for safety.

IV Sedation

For patients with high dental anxiety, Nitrous Oxide or oral sedation may not be enough. Dr. McDuffie has received the necessary training and certification to administer IV sedation to patients wishing to have no memory of a dental visit. Administered under careful conditions, IV sedation allows large and complex dental procedures to be completed quickly while monitoring the patient’s vital signs throughout the procedure.